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Muay Thai

Muay Thai also known as Thaiboxing, is the national sport of Thailand and it is known as the 'Science of 8 Limbs'; as you will learn to put together combinations and techniques that utilize punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Muay Thai also incorporates many effective stand-up clinching and grappling techniques.

In North America, Muay Thai gained fame as the UFC and K1 events showed how effective and complete the martial art is as a stand-up striking discipline. Many people take up Muay Thai for different reasons including self-defense, fitness, recreational and competitive purposes. No matter what your goal is, participating in Muay Thai will get you in great shape while having a fun, yet challenging workout!


The Muay Thai classes at Kawartha Combat involve a cardiovascular warm-up and dynamic stretch, followed by technical drilling, padwork and bag work; developing full-body conditioning, while practicing different strikes, combinations and techniques. This class will also help you build a strong foundation and base if you are looking to get in shape, or improve your current fitness goals and help push through any plateaus/cross train for sports! Longterm adherance to the program results in a healthy heart, strong body, flexibility, 

balance, co-ordination, alertness, endurance and many other rewarding benefits!  All levels welcome! Come try your free class today!


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