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Strength & Conditioning

Available by appointment


Welcome to the ultimate fitness experience at Kawartha Combat, where we offer a range of specialized training programs designed to deliver exceptional results. Our 1-on-1 Personal Training and our small group Strength & Conditioning, sessions are crafted to provide you with a solution for building strength, lean muscle, and overall performance.

In our small group personal training sessions, we focus on lifting weights, building strength, and enhancing performance. With groups consisting of 6-14 individuals, our experienced coaches create structured and adaptable monthly programs tailored to each individual. They oversee every aspect of your training, ensuring it's safe, effective, fun, and challenging. Say goodbye to workout boredom as you continuously build strength, muscle, and confidence week after week.

To achieve a sustainable and remarkable body transformation, we believe in the power of combining strength training and metabolic conditioning. Our comprehensive approach extends beyond the gym, encompassing nutrition and lifestyle changes that we coach and hold you accountable to. This holistic approach, combined with our varied sessions throughout the week, guarantees fast and remarkable results.

Experience the fusion of strength, conditioning, and personalized coaching at Kawartha Combat. Join our supportive community where you'll find the perfect balance of challenge and fun. Start your journey towards a stronger, fitter, and more confident you today. Unleash your true potential with our tailored programs, expert guidance, and unwavering support.

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