1) Do not enter the academy if the class before yours is still taking place. Please wait until 5 mins before the class time to enter the facility as we need time to clean between classes and members in previous classes will be clearing out.

2) Have the online Pre-Screening filled before entering the facility. Please fill this out in your car or at home before entering the building. Please try to arrive in uniform.


3) Due to capacity limits their will be no spectators allowed during a class. Parents please drop your child off for our Youth Muay Thai program running Tues & Thurs 5:45 – 6:30pm and Saturday 11:10 – 12:00 pm. One parent/adult will be permitted with their child during the Junior Kickboxing class from 5:00 – 5:30 pm on Tues and Thurs.


4) We no longer sell Water Bottles, please ensure you send your child prepared and equipped to stay hydrated throughout the class. We do sell Sports drinks for $2.


5) Leaving the Facility – Parents must wait outside to pickup their kids. Students will check in with Coach Kevin before leaving and ensure their parents are there for pickup before exiting the building.

6) Cleaning In-between Classes begins once final student leaves.

To protect yourself and others, we ask that anyone who is feeling unwell, refrain from visiting us so that together we can ensure a safe and comfortable experience for everyone. Also, for any members who are travelling outside the country either to the US or abroad to follow these strict guidelines:

  • Inform us that you are travelling outside of the country and when you will be returning

  • Upon return, follow Canada’s Public Health and Peterborough’s Public Health recommended guidelines of “self-isolation” for 14 days

  • Take advantage of the online program “Lockdown Domination” Coach Kevin offered for all members

Again, we continue to monitor this situation closely and will provide ongoing updates as needed. We also encourage everyone to stay up-to-date through Canada’s Public Health and Peterborough’s Public Health website.


Thank you


Coach Kevin

Kawartha Combat